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Award-winning Singer/Song Writer Lisa Jane is using her refined skills and talents in composition to reach the nations. In 2009 Lisa flew half way around the world to a poverty stricken Africa, after fundraising from sales of her previous album, “Sing my way to Africa.” Having met poverty face to face in the deep villages of Uganda East Africa though Australia Hope International,  Lisa has been transformed into becoming an advocate of making the most of what we have and living out the best versions of our lives. Her positive philosophy on life brings an inspirational feel to her original sounds and compositions.

“Sweet and whimsical, perfect for a rainy day or Sunday afternoon”

Apr, 2012

Raised in country Australia, Lisa was a quirky and creative child, feeling misunderstood and often ridiculed. By 19 she fell pregnant with her first of four children. After the failure of her first marriage she had almost given up on life. Each mile stone has brought her a new song to share with the world and to heal through. In 2011 Lisa Jane’s first ever mastered recording project “Clarity” was recorded at Cheese Factory Records .


“Music has brought my head out of a dark past and given me a future I will pursue it forever!”


Lisa Jane



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