Lisa Jane Tuition

Whether it be guitar or voice………..

Do you secretly want to perform outside of the shower?

Or do you just want to learn music for therapeutic reasons?



At age 13 I picked up my sister’s guitar and just started copying what she had learned in her lessons. I was self taught being one of 7 children my Mum and Dad struggled to provide music lessons for me.


I have now managed to work my way into making music my career. I play live gigs every weekend and I have recorded my own CDs and raised money to go over seas.

I play rhythm Guitar mostly to accompany my own voice. I have quite a proficient understanding of guitar tablature and sheet music however I am great at working with children or adults who just want to be shown how to play.


I have been singing since I could speak. As a child I was picked on every day at school and by the time I became a teenager I was very shy. Music has brought me out of my shell and has given all of my confidence back.

Students will explore the vocal anatomy and look into how it works, how to tune it up and take care of it well. If it feels uncomfortable or hurts your voice we don’t go there! We look at pitch and how it is measured, we look at how sound works via a several fun activities.

The key to using your voice well is knowing your own voice well on the inside and the outside. Once are in control and know your own unique tones and inflections you can be creative and use them to create your own song or to sing a cover song and make it sound like it is one of your own.


For the past 15 years I have worked with children and families. I have a cert 4 in Children’s Services and a current police clearance to work with children. Around my parenting and music business I am slowly chipping away at a BA music Majoring in voice at Tabor College Adelaide.

Lessons with me are relaxed and I like to make sure that they are fun. I often attract those who like to learn popular music and that’s okay with me so long as you make that song your own!

I like to encourage those who write their own songs so students are allowed to work on their own written pieces during lessons times. I have such a big heart to help others to reach their own music goals. Thank you for choosing  me to be part of your music journey!



 Performance opportunities!

Never pressure and only encouragement is provided for students who are wanting to assume performance opportunities.

There were never any performing opportunities available to me to test my written work out on a small crowd when I started writing at age 16.

Lisa Jane Music aims to provide safe music sharing environments and to connect students with other open mic networks available to them.


Call or email now if you would like more information on the services available.


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